EPISODE 10: Making Room For Yourself in Your Business

Featuring Amy Karp, of Amy Karp Photography, this episode of This Week in Weddings discusses how incorporating health and fitness into your life can positively impact your wedding business.

About our guest: 

Since 2006, nationally and internationally published award-winning photographer, Amy Karp, has specialized in weddings, underwater photography, and telling silly jokes. The underwater photography side of her career started as a fun creative outlet, and then she realized how passionate she was about this style of photography. She has been commissioned for underwater by the Fort Worth Opera, clients all over Texas, and even jumped the pond with a fabulous couple from CHINA! She often gets a lot of curious people asking “WHY?”. It’s not for the faint of heart… it’s for an adventurous client who really wants something unique and different.

Before she began shooting weddings full time, she worked in the accounting field for 8 years and was pulling double duty as a full-time office manager, shooting whenever she could. She and her husband, Jon, decided to take their business full-time in 2008 just after their son Sam was born. Since then, they have been nationally published, served over 300 couples, recognized as the American Association of Certified Wedding Planner’s Photographer of the Year for two consecutive years, and are just as passionate about their craft as the day they started this journey.

In this episode, listeners will hear about:

  • Amy’s breaking point for change
  • Fitting fitness into your weekly routine
  • How incorporating fitness into your life can affect you on a wedding day

Want to connect with Amy?

On the web: http://www.amykarp.com/

Instagram: @amykarp@karpcasa / Facebook: Amy Karp Photography

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