Crisis Communication for Event Pros: This Week In Weddings – Episode 101

Crisis Communication for Event Pros: This Week In Weddings – Episode 101

When a natural disaster strikes in your area or some other tragedy of significance takes place, do you have a plan for how you’ll communicate to your clients, vendors, and community? The saying goes that you never think it will happen to you, but having a plan in place for the just in case is never a bad idea. In this week’s episode of the This Week In Weddings podcast, we’re chatting with Christie Osborne, who is an expert in the field of crisis communication and getting some advice on how best to address and move forward when a crisis strikes.

About our guest:

Christie Osborne is the owner of Mountainside Media, a company that helps event industry professionals and small businesses develop scaleable marketing strategies that bring in more inquiries and leads. She is a national educator with recent speaking engagements at NACE Experience, WIPA and the ABC Conference. She also serves as an Advisory Board Member for the North American Academy of Wedding & Event Planning. In this episode, listeners will hear about:

  • Christie’s background in the wedding industry as well her experience being FEMA certified in social media crisis communication
  • Christie’s best advice for communicating to your clients and audience when there is a crisis (natural disaster or otherwise) that affects your business
  • The best places to get information as a crisis is unfolding
  • Why a plan for crisis communication is critical before a crisis happens

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