EPISODE 11: The Four Types of Business Personas

Featuring Sam Jacobson, owner of Ideaction Consulting, this episode of This Week in Weddings discusses the four types of struggling points of growing businesses.

About our guest: 

Sam Jacobson gets results for solopreneurs, small-business owners and emerging nonprofits with Ideaction Consulting. He focuses on directly applying best-practice models to getting things done for his clients, rather than just telling them what others have done to get better or how to find an improved work-life balance.   Before striking out on his own, Sam led Todd Events as the Director of Operations for two years in the luxury markets of Dallas and Houston, Texas. Prior to that role, he directed lodging and event operations for Roche Harbor Resort on San Juan Island in Washington for nearly a decade.

In this episode, listeners will hear about:

  • Sam’s four personas for businesses – Starting, Struggling, Stuck, and Stretched
  • The characteristics of each stage
  • What you can do to get out of the stage you’re in

Want to connect with Sam?

On the web: www.ideactionconsulting.com

Instagram:@ideactionconsulting / Facebook: Ideaction Consulting / Twitter: @ideactionconsul

Medium: www.medium.com/@ideactionconsul

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