The Wrong Way to Fire an Employee: This Week In Weddings – Episode 134

The Wrong Way to Fire an Employee: This Week In Weddings – Episode 134

If you grow your business larger than a company of one, you may find yourself in a situation where you’ve hired an employee that might not be a good fit. The theory goes that you should hire slowly and fire quickly, but if you need to let someone go, do you know how to do it most effectively? In this week’s episode of the This Week In Weddings podcast, we’re chatting with two wedding industry veterans who reflect on their experience firing an employee and how they did it completely wrong.

About our guest:

Courtney and Dana are a sister duo based in the Raleigh NC area. They have been in the event industry for almost 13 years and run C and D Events, The Bradford, and Bushel and Peck Florals. Because they are not busy enough – they have recently launched Hustle and Gather – their inspirational/business coaching division designed to inspire and normalize the crazy that comes with entrepreneurship. They laugh and bicker in equal measures and still choose to vacation together! Their dream sister trip is to drink their way through Italy – sans children and husbands! 

In this episode, listeners will hear about:

  • How Courtney and Dana got into the wedding industry
  • Courtney and Dana’s hiring journey, going from just the two of them to full time employees and part-time contractors
  • How and when they knew the employee wasn’t a good representation of their company
  • How they communicated the change of employment with the employee, and how they wish they’d done it differently 

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This episode of This Week In Weddings is sponsored by the OFD Collective.

1 comment on “The Wrong Way to Fire an Employee: This Week In Weddings – Episode 134
  1. PNW says:

    It’s unfair to talk negatively about previous employees. With such a small company it’s easy to know who they are talking about. This could negatively affect their lives or future business opportunities. I like this podcast but this episode does not represent it well. It sounds like the mean high school girls gossiping in the cafeteria. It’s one thing to admit that you didn’t fire someone the right way but to drag them through the mud on a public podcast and add another employee to the mix is completely wrong. I am sad to know that a podcast run by women in the wedding industry would want to be part of something that was tearing others down. Do better.

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