EPISODE 22: Building Your Business By Building Relationships

Featuring Beth Berk, National Director of Sales at M&M Special Events, this episode of This Week in Weddings explores the art of business relationships for growing your business and brand.

About our guest: 

Beth Berk has been in the special events industry for over 20 years. She has been with M&M Event Rentals during her entire career, and has built the business with her husband Scott and his family into one of the top 10 largest rental companies in the United States, according to Special Events Magazine. She has served on various industry committees and boards, including ILEA, NACE, MPI, and has received local and national awards for events that she has been a part of or has produced.

M&M now has rental stores in Illinois, Kansas, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas and is considered one of the foremost leaders in the special events business.

A Chicago native, Beth has experience on both sides of an event. She has been in the event rentals business and an event planner for 8 years. When the opportunity arose to expand the family’s rental business to Dallas, she and her husband moved to Texas. She has produced and been a part of thousands of events and loves this industry.

Her best productions have been her two boys, working with her husband every day for over 20 years, and still smiling and laughing over the little things.

In this episode, listeners will hear about:

  • How Beth got into the event industry 20 years ago
  • How Beth grew their business through networking associations
  • Knowing your limitations and when to refer business to competitors
  • A new perspective to have when your phone rings
  • Inspiring your team to build relationships

Want to connect with Beth?

Website: http://www.mmspecialevents.com

Instagram: @mmspecialevents

2 comments on “EPISODE 22: Building Your Business By Building Relationships
  1. This conversation with Beth Berk is the first one I’ve listened to and all three did a great job. I agree that being friends with everyone including the competition is a great idea and very easy to do in Dallas which is such an open and friendly place. You may very well find yourself doing business with your competition.

    1. Kimberly says:

      Thanks for listening, Nick!! Totally agree with you… being friendly with everyone in your market is only a benefit!

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