Coping with Business Burnout: This Week In Weddings Podcast – Episode 43

When you’re a high achiever with high standards and a strong work ethic, it’s easy to take it to the extreme. Working crazy hours dealing with difficult clients and being in an industry that is focused around servicing others, it’s no wonder that many wedding industry professionals have suffered through bouts of burnout.

In this week’s episode of the This Week in Weddings podcast, we’re talking to sales consultant and coach Rachel Sheerin, who dealt with a major case of burnout in the hospitality industry. After a bit of a break from the event industry and some personal reflection, Rachel has now created a life she loves.

Check out this episode to hear about the symptoms of burnout and tips from Rachel for getting through it.

About our guest: 

Rachel Sheerin is a national public speaker and the owner of She Sells, a sales strategy firm that focuses on helping creative entrepreneurs grow sales and enjoy their success. Some of her clients include wedding & event professionals, Etsy sellers, independent record labels, and hotels management companies.

Before devoting herself to helping creatives sell more, Rachel served as Director of Sales for a multi-million dollar off-site caterer & as a long-time NACE board member. Rachel’s an avid dog lover, craft beer drinker and travel enthusiast whose mission in life is to help others sell more & be happy – and she’s here with us today. Welcome, Rachel!

In this episode, listeners will hear about:

  • The signs of burnout
  • How burnout differs from depression
  • Rachel’s personal experience with burnout
  • How looking at your job as a hobby can help with burnout
  • Tips for prioritizing your work and personal life to match your true goals

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