Increasing Your Referrals: This Week In Weddings – Episode 51

Raise your hand if you want to increase the number of referrals you receive…. We thought so! While advertising your wedding business is certainly a way to bring in clients, direct referrals is often the most effective (and least expensive) way to grow your business, and this week’s episode of the This Week In Weddings podcast is all about increasing your referrals. Our guest Laura Neff, owner of Laura Lee Photography, has increased her referrals 1200% and she’s sharing some tips with us on how she did it as well as how she’s systemized her business process to give her more time to focus on building relationships with her clients.

About our guest: 

Laura Neff is a New Jersey + Worldwide wedding and brand photographer preserving memories for adventurous, fun-loving couples and heart-driven creative brands. In addition to running a very successful photography business, she has a passion to educate the creative community!  Laura is an expert when it comes to productivity, workflow, systems, and growing a profitable business while leading a fulfilling life.  She loves helping creative businesses systematize their everyday tasks and create workflows so they can have more time to spend with friends and family and do the things they love! She’s obsessed with firepits, sweet wine, deep conversation, elephants, and showing off her horrible dance moves at any given moment. Laura is on a mission for entrepreneurs to schedule more date nights, brunch weekends, and vacations as a result of finding work-life balance while running a thriving business!

In this episode, listeners will hear about:

  • Tips for servicing your clients well so that they will want to refer you
  • How to build relationships with not just your couple, but the wedding party and guests
  • Asking for a referral from a previous client
  • Social media tips for connecting with your next client

Take-aways from Laura for This Week In Weddings listeners:

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