Making a Career Shift in the Wedding Industry: This Week In Weddings – Episode 69

Making a Career Shift in the Wedding Industry: This Week In Weddings – Episode 69

When you’re in the wedding industry, you often have the benefit of seeing other vendor categories up close. If you’ve ever considered making a switch from one field to another, this week’s episode of the This Week In Weddings podcast is for you. We’re chatting with Larissa and Chavvon Smith, who made the switch from being wedding photographers to owning a letterpress and luxury printing company. This week’s episode is a must listen for all the serial entrepreneurs out there, and is full of great advice for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit.

About our guests: 

Larissa and Chavvon Smith are the owners of Cotton Paperie, a Dallas based letterpress and luxury printer. They print items ranging from business cards that help businesses create powerful first impressions to luxury wedding invitations. In addition to working with some of the most amazing brides & wedding planners in the industry, their clients include Google, the Dallas Cowboys, eBay, Cotton Inc., Hennessy, the George W. Bush Foundation, and Fortuny.

Before founding Cotton Paperie, Chavvon and Larissa were event photographers covering events nationwide. Specializing in wedding photography they worked as a husband and wife team. Event photography and the busy weekend schedule was becoming a strain to balance that business and 3 small children so Chavvon took the leap and purchased a letterpress and put it in the garage. Having no print experience whatsoever he found the manual for his vintage press on eBay, bought it, studied it, and learned to operate his first press. Larissa having a background in Interior Design naturally gravitated towards the graphics design aspects of letterpress printing. It was a perfect fit. Through much trial and error and the help of their photography friends network, Cotton Paperie was born!

In this episode, listeners will hear about:

  • Chavvon and Larissa’s transition into the wedding industry
  • Why Chavvon and Larissa decided working weddings on the weekends didn’t work for them anymore
  • How they got into the printing industry
  • Best tips for someone wanting to move into a new industry
  • The group of people that Chavvon and Larissa credits for helping them start and test their business concept

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