Giving Without the Expectation of Getting: This Week In Weddings – Episode 77

Giving Without the Expectation of Getting: This Week In Weddings – Episode 77

Getting ahead in business isn’t instantaneous, and sometimes you have to get your foot in the door by giving selflessly. In this episode of This Week In Weddings, we’re SO EXCITED to chat with Lance Panton, who has made it his business to give without the expectation of getting. In addition to being a Dallas-based DJ, Lance is the editor of the This Week In Weddings podcast. Listen in as he shares his perspective on making yourself a valuable resource without being pushy.

About our guest: 

Lance Panton is the owner and operator of the Dallas based MY DFW DJ Weddings and Events. Lance has been a mobile DJ since 1989, starting as a teenager in his hometown of Augusta, Georgia. Lance launched a career in broadcasting at 17 mixing on a weekend radio show. After finding local success, Lance was able to take his show on the road making guest DJ appearances in Vegas, Atlanta, Canada and other hotspots.

Lance uses his travels and years of experience to deliver a service that seamlessly reunites the fun with the formalities. Whether it’s entertaining tens of thousands at events like T.D. Jakes Megafest, or a few dozen at an intimate wedding reception, Lance promises a premier entertainment experience for all.

After concluding his radio career in Detroit, Michigan, Lance and his wife Nikita relocated to Dallas in 2014, followed by the launch of MY DFW DJ in 2015. When Lance isn’t handling the music for a wedding or event, he enjoys cooking, music documentaries and traveling with his wife.

In this episode, listeners will hear about:

  • Lance’s background in the wedding industry
  • How Lance connected with Kimberly and Annie and got connected with the podcast
  • Lance’s philosophy on making a first impression
  • How to make yourself available to those who might hire or refer you, without being pushy
  • The story of the pumpkin pie

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