As a business grows, there often comes the need to grow your team and bring on employees. But how do you make sure that the staff you bring on aren’t just punching the time clock but are true representations of your company and brand? In this week’s episode of the This Week In Weddings podcast, we’re chatting with wedding planner turned business consultant Jen Taylor about some tips for creating brand ambassadors within your business.

About our guest:

Jennifer Taylor is the owner and founder of Taylor’d Event Group, a leading event planning company that serves local and destination clients in Washington State and Maui, HI. She is also the principal of Jen Taylor Consulting, a consulting firm that works with creative businesses of all sizes to implement streamlined workflows and organized systems to find more time and space for business growth and personal development.

In this episode, listeners will hear about:

  • How Jen got started in the wedding industry after helping friends with their weddings 
  • The growth of Jen’s company from one employee to five
  • What the difference is between someone who is an employee and someone who acts as a brand ambassador
  • The tools Jen used in her company to train your team

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This episode of This Week In Weddings is sponsored by Honeybook.

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