Being an entrepreneur means always striving to improve yourself and your business. Sure, you could put yourself through business school or sign up for every educational conference available. But want to expand your knowledge in a way that’s easier and a lot less expensive? Pick up a book! Business leaders all over the world credit books for expanding their perspective and furthering their education. Are you taking advantage of the plethora of business books available at your fingertips? In this week’s episode of the This Week In Weddings podcast, we’re chatting with an industry veteran turned business coach about the best books for your wedding business.

About our guest:

Since graduating from The University of Texas at Austin over 20 years ago, Debby has always been a Coach and an Entrepreneur, in some form or fashion. During and after college, she was a physical education teacher and coached competitive athletes on the volleyball court. In 2000, she decided to shift gears and work in the floral and event design industry.

In 2009, Debby launched Branching Out Events, an award-winning full-service floral design and event production company based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Debby has always taught, trained and encouraged her employees to grow and bloom both professionally AND personally. This passion for bringing out the best in others led to the launch of her second venture in January 2020, The Roots Group.

Available to clientele worldwide, The Roots Group is a coaching and consulting company for female entrepreneurs and ambitious women in leadership positions. Debby helps women find greater clarity and focus, increase their productivity and ultimately gain the momentum they need to achieve goals and get results!

The latest addition to Debby’s little empire is Branch Blooms- a pre-book based, weekly floral service with a BIG mission- to spread peace, love and flowers. The birth of Branch Blooms is the result of Debby’s commitment to “dance” with the ever-changing times and make a positive impact in her community.

In this episode, listeners will hear about:

  • Debby’s experience in the wedding industry, how she got started, and what she’s up to now
  • Debby’s history with books and how she wasn’t always a devoted reader
  • What started Debby’s passion for educating herself through business books
  • How reading transformed Debby’s business for the better
  • Debby’s favorite books for leadership and managing employees
  • Debby’s suggestions for books related to cash management
  • Sales and Marketing books that Debby loves
  • Books that provide clarity and focus
  • Debby’s suggestion for books that help you connect with your creative self
  • Tips for incorporating reading into your life a little at a time
  • Debby’s most highly recommended read for creating an operating system
  • How writing is a great way to expand your creativity

Books Mentioned in this Episode:

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