Have you been putting off something that you need to do? As an entrepreneur, you’re in charge of your own day to day schedule, and with that freedom comes a certain responsibility to manage your own tasks. There’s no boss telling you when you have to get something done! If you’re prone to procrastination, this week’s episode of the This Week In Weddings podcast is for you. We’re chatting with a clinical psychologist who has gone from procrastinating to productive and is sharing her best practices.

About our guest:

Dr. Christine Li knows the true secrets for how to live life procrastination-free — and she’s ready to share them with you. She rescued herself from the tight grip of procrastination, and as a result, feels compelled to share the steps she took to bring calm and happiness into her life again.

She uses her experience as a clinical psychologist and former hard-core procrastinator to identify the factors that cause her clients to avoid and delay the work they should be doing. Once her clients understand the reasons they’ve been stuck in the vortex of procrastination, Dr. Li helps them let go of what has been blocking them so they can start using their natural talents and motivation to work with much greater clarity, ease, and success.

In this episode, listeners will hear about:

  • What procrastination is and how it can affect you and your business or career
  • Dr.Li’s experience as a procrastinator and how she changed her ways
  • Why procrastination isn’t always bad
  • Steps you can take to be more productive
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