We’ve said it a million times, but without a sale, you don’t have a business. And most of us in the wedding industry haven’t had formal sales training experience. In this episode of the This Week In Weddings podcast, we’re chatting all about sales techniques as well as the different personality types that you might be selling to in the wedding industry. Identifying the type of person you’re selling to can give you an advantage in the sales process as you can tailor your approach.

About our guests:

Beth Lindsay Chapman is a veteran of the fashion industry and is known for her work as a bridal boutique owner, stylist, mentor, author, and wedding fashion consultant. After her tenure as a Vice President of Merchandising for Ann Taylor, her love of bridal fashion, and sincere desire to create a memorable shopping experience for brides, compelled her to launch The White Dress by the shore, a Connecticut based luxury bridal boutique, in 2004.  Beth is also the founder of Beth Chapman Styling + Consulting. After running a bridal store herself for over a decade, she recognized the need for support and education for bridal store owners. Her passion for teaching and education and her desire to empower independent bridal retailers, has led her to mentor other bridal store owners on elevating their brand and increasing their sales and business profitability.

Through the consulting arm of her business, Beth launched a series of training videos for bridal store owners and their staff, called The Series 2.0. These videos are intended to guide bridal store owners to run profitable businesses and to train their sales associates on product knowledge and effective selling techniques.

Beth is in the process of creating a course for Wedding Pros that focuses on assisting wedding professionals in changing their approach to sales and increasing their closing ratio. The course is due to launch in Spring of 2020.

Beth is also a sought-after stylist.  She not only assists brides in selecting fashion for their wedding and provides day of wedding dressing services, but she works with publications and brands on styled editorial shoots. Beth’s fashion artistry has allowed her to style editorial shoots throughout the world.

She is the co-author of two books, The White Dress in Color, and The White Dress Destinations  and has also contributed to Wedding Bible by Sarah Haywood, and Simple Stunning Bride by Karen Bussen.

In this episode, listeners will hear about:

  • Beth’s background in the wedding industry and how she got started focusing on selling techniques
  • How mindset makes a big difference when you’re selling so that you’re helping a client to buy
  • The five elements that should be present in order to close the sale:
    1. Why a strong “pre-sell” process and identifying your target client is key
    2. Building a relationship as the second step of the sales process
    3. Why asking the right questions and listening to the answers is imperative in sales
    4. Educating the client in order to build trust
    5. Reassuring the client in the decision as the final step before the sale
  • The Shopper Personality
  • The Detached Client
  • The Expert Personality

FREE Personality Identifier Download: Text the word Beth to 38470.

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