Featuring Jill Efrussy Sour, owner of custom invitation design company Stamped Paper Co., this episode of the This Week in Weddings podcast discusses the transition many entrepreneurs make when going from working in an office environment to going solo.

About our guest: 

Jill Efrussy Sour is the owner of Stamped Paper Co., a full-service invitation and paper design studio. Before working in weddings, Jill spent eight years as an Advertising Agency Art Director, designing print ads, billboards, catalogs, retail stores and tv commercials for everything from Chick-fil-a to luxury cruise lines. She worked at agencies large and small, and lastly, with over 700 co-workers at the largest independent ad agency in the world.

Her foray into the wedding industry came a decade ago, when Jill worked in a new medium, designing the wedding invitations for her dear friend. She spent years working nights and weekends, and the occasional lunch hour, turning her new hobby into a blooming side business, and in 2011, took the leap to make Stamped her full-time job. Her love of design, type, and the world of creativity has made the transition from the advertising to wedding industry seamless, and, well, a lot happier.

Jill has lent her talents to stars of reality tv, Olympic gold medalists, and countless clients who have become dear friends. She has built her business by word of mouth. Her passion for people and experience designing brands have helped Stamped continue to grow into it’s upcoming 6th year.

In this episode, listeners will hear about:

  • Making the transition into a full-time career
  • Tips for breaking the monotony of working alone
  • Finding your “co-workers” when you work alone
  • How to separate work and home when your home is your office
  • Pros and cons of various home office arrangements

Want to connect with Jill? 

Website: www.stampedpaperco.com

Instagram: @stampedpaperco 

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