Networking in the wedding industry doesn’t just have to mean belonging to a dedicated, weekly networking group or joining an event or wedding association. There are other ways to build and grow your network of wedding industry peers, colleagues and friends. In this episode of This Week In Weddings, we’re talking to John Cain Sargent, owner of John Cain Photography about his experience with networking and how he has grown his business by networking with an open hand.

About our guest: 

For the past seven years, John Cain Sargent has been using photography as a medium for building new relationships. 

A firm believer that a rising tide raises all ships, an approach of shared success has made all the difference in his career thus far. If some view a stunning photographic portfolio as a monument to their brand, John sees his portfolio as a foundation to build upon and the results of collaborative talent as the real trophy.

New friends and connections have led to national and international projects. John’s work has been featured in publications such as Town & Country and Traditional Home, as well as magazine covers photographed around the world.

That team usually starts and ends with John’s wife Brittany. Together they make their clients’ experience and satisfaction their highest priority.

In this episode, listeners will hear about:

  • John’s journey from graduate school to professional wedding photographer
  • How John began his career by bringing value to those he was networking with
  • The industry conference that allowed John to grow his network outside his market
  • The educational program John is currently enrolled in which has helped him think about his business in a different way

Want to connect with John?

Instagram: @johncainsargent

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