With the end of the year quickly approaching and the start of another year on the horizon, there’s no better time to take a look at your business finances. In this episode of the This Week In Weddings podcast, we’re chatting with financial guru Paco de Leon about the things we should be doing as the year wraps up from a financial and accounting perspective.

About our guest: 

Paco de Leon is a musician who happens to be killer at finance. She has spent most of her career working with creatives who also do business. Her experience ranges from business consulting, business management, financial planning, wealth management and she even spent some time at a big, evil bank. Her experiences have lead her to found The Hell Yeah Group, a financial firm focused on inspiring creatives to be engaged with their personal and business finances and more importantly, to give them the tools and support to stop freaking out about it.

She lives in the Echo Park neighborhood in sunny Los Angeles with her wife Jenn. She plays in a band called Mister Fantasy, is the founder of a boutique bookkeeping company called Hell Yeah, Bookkeeping and a co-founder of the arts-based non profit organization, Allies in Arts.

In this episode, listeners will hear about:

  • The step business owners should be taking now to prepare for the end of the year wrap up
  • Accountants vs. bookkeepers — What’s the difference? And do you need both?
  • The biggest mistakes small business owners make when it comes to their finances
  • How to goal set for how much you need to make

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