Having a staff can certainly help you scale and grow your business, but bringing on employees is certainly not without its challenges. How do you find good people? And even more importantly, how do you train them to carry on your reputation and brand? Whether you already are leading a team or you’re just starting to consider making the move from solopreneur status, this week’s episode of the This Week In Weddings podcast is for you. 

About our guests: 

Lindsay Val Longacre founded and launched LVL Weddings & Events in 2007. Since its founding, LVL has grown to be one of the most recognized wedding and event planning companies in California with additional locations in Denver, Phoenix, Napa and Hawaii and a team of 20 professional coordinators and planners.

A Midwest girl at heart, Lindsay was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and is now living between California and Hawaii. She is a proud military wife, entrepreneur and special event planner. Lindsay gets her drive and entrepreneurial spirit from her mother, who always encouraged her to find her calling and be the best she could be at it. Through LVL, Lindsay is on a mission to do just that – to be the best at doing what she loves the most – planning dream weddings, leading a successful team and always raising the bar in the wedding industry.

Heather Hoesch joined LVL in 2010 and she’s the yin to Lindsay’s yang. Currently with over 700 weddings and ten years of experience under her belt, Heather is passionate, detailed, organized, and most importantly calm.

Inspired by love, engagement stories, color combinations and hand written wedding vows, she brings a colorful style to the design and planning of a wedding. She will tell you that she loves her job, her clients and most of all her team. She believes that her passion for love adds to her commitment to creating the ultimate wedding for her couples.

Heather always wanted to be part of a team that is an innovative leader in the industry and she found her dream team with LVL. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from California State University, Long Beach, she has successfully blended her education with doing what she enjoys the most – celebrating love.

In this episode, listeners will hear about:

  • Lindsay and Heather’s background and how they got into the wedding industry
  • How Lindsay and Heather joined forces at LVL
  • How they have grown their team by bringing other business owners into their company
  • How to identify the right people for what you need
  • Knowing when you’re ready to add employees
  • Documenting processes in order to train your team

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