Small businesses definitely need policies, procedures, and contracts in order to stay organized and to set boundaries. But when is it ok to be flexible and make an exception? In this week’s episode of the This Week In Weddings podcast, we’re chatting about exceptions, when to (and not to) make them, and some things to think about as you’re making the decision on bending your rules.

About our guest:

Our guest today is Jennifer Trotter, the owner and principal artist behind one of Dallas/Fort Worth’s top bridal beauty teams, Lip Service Makeup. Known for flawless looks, a diverse portfolio and impeccable customer service, Jennifer and her team provide hair and makeup for a variety of projects, including major motion pictures, Dateline NBC, commercial and media clients, tv and film projects with Oxygen, Netflix and others, as well as beautifying around 175 brides each year.

This beauty pro also happens to be a communications expert with a background that includes stints in PR, corporate training and serving for nearly 10 years as the Program Director for the Make A Wish Foundation. Through articles, coaching sessions and speaking engagements, Jennifer uses her communications background to help business owners skillfully navigate the awkward conversations and stressful situations that we all face. She not only knows how to manage the occasional bridezilla, she’s passionate about sharing proven techniques to create strong relationships with clients and other vendors while reducing conflict.  

In this episode, listeners will hear about:

  • Jen’s background and how she got into the wedding industry
  • Reasons that business owners may want to break away from their “rules” and make an exception
  • The one reason you should absolutely not make an exception
  • Saying no, but still making it a positive conversation
  • Questions to ask yourself as you’re deciding to make an exception or not
  • The importance of having Standard Operating Procedures in your business

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